What's the Market Environmentalism Academy? 

The Conservation Coalition's Market Environmentalism Academy is an educational platform that hosts courses on a variety of environmental topics, from a pro-market perspective. As the first-ever educational hub of its kind, the Academy will equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to fight for solutions that uplift our environment, economy, and people.

Okay, What About The Conservation Coalition? 

The Conservation Coalition is a youth founded and led 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to changing the culture of the environmental movement. We work to educate young Americans about market-based, limited-government solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges.

Academy Incentives

Win prizes as you make your way through the Academy! Academy incentives are directly tied to course levels (see more information below).

The completion of a course level results in one predetermined prize. Completion of the Gearing Up Level entitles students to one The Conservation Coalition reusable water bottle. 

Stay tuned as we continue to reveal prizes and incentives throughout the year. 

Academy Partners

We're partnering with several leading organizations in the school of market-based environmental thought to bring you a premier educational experience. 

Basecamp Partners: 

Gearing Up Level

  • Introduction to Market Environmentalism (available now)
  • How to be an Effective Environmental Leader (available now)

Basecamp Level

  • The Philosophical Roots of Environmentalism (March)
  • The Role of Hunters & Anglers in Conservation (March)
  • Free Market Environmentalism Series (April)
  • Why Climate Science Should be Non-Partisan (May)
  • Why the Green New Deal is a Bad Deal for America (May)

Timberline Level

  • My Journey from Climate Denialism to Reality (June)
  • Climate Change as a National Security Threat (June)
  • Debunking Common Environmental Myths (July)
  • Introduction to Eco-Modernism (July)
  • Why Innovation is Good for the Planet (August)
  • Conscious Capitalism for the Planet (August)

Summit Level

  • Nuclear Energy & Small Modular Reactors (September)
  • Carbon Capture & Storage (September)
  • Biotechnology (October) 
  • Renewable Energy & Battery Storage (October)
  • History of the Conservation Movement in America (November)
  • The U.S. National Park Service (November)
  • A Faith-Based Approach to the Environment (December)
  • Socialism is Bad for the Planet (December)